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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hi I am vijju 27yrs weight 78 fair and well built 7 inch cock from hyderabad. working in mnc living alone .its my real experiance. i am staying in a apartment hyd and i will go to gym every day early in the morning ..there is a beautiful anty Haritha age of 35 and she is good looking perfect Hight and weight sooo sexy and she has 2 school going children she is sending her childrens to school I saw and I dnt know why I liked her soooooo much and she is too day evening i was coming from office and near by to my home and i found a person standing beside road becoz of his car problum and asked me for drop and i helped him but unknowingly he was a husband of her and he said thanx and invited for coffee and we had
gud time there in his house and i saw his beautiful wife and her structure is amazing she is soo sexy in sary .........
i cant control there and i said i leave then he took my phone no . that was my first introduction to her ...ofter 2 days i was going to office same time both were going to shopping in a car .he smiled at me and i did the same i said he is leaving to onsite thats why they are going for shoping ...i said ok he told me to come for the dinner that day ......i said i will try but wanna meet Haritha thought to lick and fuck if i get chance..and that day i come from so early and we meet in his house for the dinner and she prepared very well hyd biryani . i love it i said its super and she just smiled and went inside he became bit closer and asked more details and i did the same i played with his children for some time and he asked me to come to airport becoz driver is not coming my wife drive but nt perfect.. then I said ok but I asked them to give a call at 3 am .. my phon was ringing at 3 and sweet voice Haritha she said gud morning my hubby in bath room told me to call u and inform she said come soon… I was there in 10 min and we started she was in pink transparent saree and sooo hot we started and we droped her husband at airport and started coming back she was in back seat and I waching her in the mirror and I started talking to her whats her qualifications and hobbies and soooo on she also asked lot of things and I answered she told me to fill petrol and I stoped at petrol bunk and I asked her to sit front becoz its difficult to talk to her while driving that’s why 1 sec she was in silent and came to friend seat …I was bi t excited and started talking to her she was bit close some what and we reached home and I parked car I gave keys to her and she said thanx and also offered coffee and we had it and I spoke somemore time and left…..before leaving I asked her no she gave me and days are moving on …………………………….. I started msging her she also msged me sometimes and I started chatting with her in the 9t time long hours and that’s cool going . one day when I am going to office she called me and asked me to come with them becoz they are going out so she is nt perfect driving then evening I went children back side and mummy my side that 4 hours made ur closer than before ….one evening I went to her home and no one was there and servent was there she said she went to next door friend to talk wait for sometime she will come I sat in sofa ..and I found a dairy she like to read books and even dairy writing also ..useally dairy will be in bedroom and too personal but she kept there maight be forgot becoz no one is there inhome to read .. I tooke it and saw few pages and I was shoked …..becoz few things made me that she thanked god for her Husband becoz of caring and loving but nt with the sexual life and I saw few nude pics also ..and I understood she is crazy abt sex but she is sooo traditional and cant do such things ….. suddenly she came in that time I kept dairy there only and she took it and she saw me but I was like not seen ….i spoke to her some time and played with her kids and I left for the day but I didn’t sleep for the day thought to help meanwhile I do enjoy .bt didtn dare becoz I don’t wanna loose her gud friendship .. .. oneday I came from Bangalore and reached to home and I massaged her what r u doing she replay like finished work and servent also left felling bored … I thought I should be with her and I reply I don’t have office today can I come to ur home .she reply better to come being alone ..i got ex cited and went there and I shoked she is in frock and soooo sexy milky boobs are coming our and it very transparent looking too hot we sat in sofa and I asked coffee we had and talking all the things and she started asking what do u like in a girl and I said long hair (she was having it) she saw me and said I am nt asking physically bt qualities …again I told the same thing she just smiled and 1 mis silence. I said can I ask u one question she said ok I asked her can I touch ur hair becoz its soo gud and I love it .she said what again I repeated the same she said r u crazy ..then I said sory and I aske d the same she laughtd at me and 1 sec silent and I smiled and said sorry I decided nt to ask eventhough I couldn’t control …. She saw romantic look and started talking something .i asked her to go movie she said no and I said chess she said I don’t know how to paly and finally I said we will do head and toss if I win I will tell u what u have to do . if u will win I will do what u say then she thought for a while and said ok and I took one rupee and tailed and she said head and she won I asked her to tell me what to do she told me to prepare Coffeee I did it anyhow and again we tailed now it s time for me I won …she said tell me what to do ………………….i took 2 sec and said plz close ur eyes and u should nt Deny what ever I do .. she saw diffent way bt I didt care I said close ur eyes she in conveniently closed her eye and I went to back of her and I went to bit close to her body bt didn’t touch but she can feel my heat I gave air to on her hair she is feeling bit cook and slowly started touching her hair I put my fingers inside of hair and said slowly ur hair is sooo sexy haritha she is just felling and I just continued while talking and slowly came to neck and started bit massaging and she just closed her eyes and feeling relaxing I started doing bit more and massaging her back and she is felling bit responding and slowly started kissing her neck and hair neck.. she suddently woke up and thrown me side and I felt shame and she shouted what r u tring to do…… I said I really got attracted to ur body wanna sleep with u….. she was shoked I hold her tightly and said I dnt do anything with out ur permission I liked u and u also need it badly that’s I know becoz I saw in ur dairy … I said and came out of house …… day she only called me and spoke normally and invited for dinner …her children went to deep sleep when I entered in her home and finished dinner and we r in hall sitting in same sofa …. I asked her can I ask onething she said ok can I keep my head in ur lap I don’t ask anything rather than this . she was silence I didn’t give much time simply I kept my head in her lap and felt comfortable she is still silent we were watching tv and I kept my mouth in her inside lap and feeling her warmness of her pussy and rubbing my mouth and kissing her pussy with my tongue she hold my hair and said vijju plz dnt make me troble pls and I was continuing the same she started turn on and I kept my left hand on her breast and right hand on her thiese and rubbing I did for 10 mins she complete ly turned on and started doing things .. I slowly removed her frock slowly and saw her milky amazing boobs started licking then she started slowly murmuring and uhhhh ha a plz uhhhhhh vijju plllllllzz uhhhhh but I was continue doing she started taking imitative and I was tasting her nipples and went down to tast real fruit and saw her pussy well shaved and compleately we and having sexy smell and I love it I slowly enter my to fingers and stated she started very big ohhhh ha ha ah hoooo commnn vijjy do it big comnnn plz she come out …..and I started kissing her lips passionately for15 mins its amazing she made it more tasty and came down and started licking with my tongue it s amazing taste and I enjoyed it she is not able to controlled shouting and exciting too much and say do this I love itt plzzz do more and I eat her pussy compeately an d I really love it and she opend my trouser and saw my big cock 7 incheds and hold it and said wow and I love it …she started licking my cock and gave mindblowing job and we became compleately dirty and I started entering into her ….before getting my job I had 6 month gad I was doing job search and I was alone in my room and I gone through few techniques and done few courses how to be master in bed room and advanced angle s and allt the techniques, all those helped me I didn’t feel like this but it helpedme a lot and I fucked her 4 times in that 9t and we slept there in that hall …. I woke up early morning and I went to office .. when I came back to home she called me where r u ..i said in home she came to my room and she huged me and said lot of things she wanna be with me only and yesday is the only day I enjoyedlike anything and kissed me like anything she kept my head in her lap I understood and I started again hey pussy was amazing I started licking for 30 mins she is sooooo excited I didn’t fel.l.. this much pleaser before with my hubby I didn’t do like this and 2 times fucked her and got tired and went for bath then she gone to home………and that s amazing pussy I tasted and fucked Hard ..her husband came now they are gud cuple and they are enjoying but when ever I feel and she feel dammm sure she will come and get fucked by me and she is nt doing lessthan anything to her hubby ….and she is also having 100% with me taking care of her kids everything I feel she is the perfect lady ……I had fucked her hard …I am fucking hard and she is enjoying it and I will also fuck her future but I dnt make any problem for her ……we are enjoying and I fucked and helped lots of housewife with the same pleasure and even had lots of exp in Bangalore now also they asked me to come there and meet ..i am helping them to find some happiness in theire life which there husbands are not giving anyway thanx for reading ………give me ur comments to my mail or chat or any information any housewife wanna mail:,

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