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Polaroid Find: Ahead of Her Time


What an incredible Polaroid find: a young woman with a 1980s hair-style on a 1970s couch, wood panel walls. Lingerie. She has an old-school 1970/80s torpedo vibrator. My guess: the year is 1987-1989.

I wonder who she is, and who is taking the pictures with the Polaroid. Snap, whoosh, and then wait for the image to appear. At the time, before digital, Polaroids were the one way to take a photo without sending your film to a lab. It allowed people to capture more "private"moments. We take it for granted today, but back then, these images were incredibly ground-breaking hard-core sexy. People didn't have the internet to copy thousands of others. 

Perhaps she has been looking at some Hustlers, the most graphic of the porn mags, or perhpas she'd watched The Devil in Ms Jones. She probably hadn't seen a lot of hard-core porn, but she was far ahead of her time, and shaved herself totally bare. Not only that, she spreads herself wide and plunges the vibrator into her butt, giving the camera the view that was practically unseen back then. A bold, open, and wanton look at sex and self-pleasure. 

She looks so focused, and self-absorbed in the monent. Not even making eye contact with the camera. Lost in her pleasure. Truly enjoying what she's doing. I imagine her climax was hard, and powerful, and very very satisfying. And the photographer, luckily, was there to capture it.

Italian Girl, Nude


Both holes, then her belly

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Her Secret, Her Wall Toy


I dated a girl Kelly for a little while. She lived with her dog in a small apartment that had been converted from the second story of an old house. 

We never dated very much. Maybe I just wasn't into her as much as I should have been. Maybe it was her dog. A super needy golden retriever who was always slobbering and jamming his nose in your crotch.

In this blog, I told the story of the time we were sitting in her living room, trying to watch a movie, when her dog came in packing a large dildo like a rubber chew toy. Apparently, she had been masturbating with it right before I came over. When I knocked on her door, she shoved the vibrator, still warm and wet under her pillow, and went downstairs to let me in. We then sat in her living room and started the movie. The dog, not getting enough direct attention, started looking around the house for a slobbery tennis ball or chew toy so we could play fetch with him. In an attempt to get him to settle down, Kelly had hidden his tennis ball and chew toys. She overlooked the dildo, however, which the dog easily sniffed out and packed proudly into the living room.

We turned to see the dog with the flesh-colored dildo in his mouth, and his tail wagging eagerly, ready for a game of fetch. He as so pleased with himself that he'd finally found a toy.

Kelly was mortified. She apologized, snatched the dildo from her dog, and quickly went to her room to lock it away.

She came back several minutes later. I'd paused the movie, but it had been too embarrassing for her to resume it. So we ended up taking her dog for a walk. The dumb thing got his way after all.

But as we walked, I started to think of Kelly in a new way. I'd seen the large dildo, and I never would have guessed that she had bought it for herself and actually used it. I'd only seen dildos like that in porn.  Did a girl really insert a 10" dong into her? And it had a suction-cup base. Did she stick it onto flat surfaces, like door jams, and back herself onto it, I wondered.

She seemed like such a sweet, innocent girl. A tiny bit chubby, in fact, and from the Midwest. I think literally Kansas. By profession, she was a social worker. I had such an All-American girl image of her, that it was powerfully shocking and thrilling to picture her in her apartment, naked, using her toy.  I pictured all the places in her house. Where had she fucked herself with her toy? Had she stuck it to her fridge? Or the door jam of the bathroom, right in the front hall?

Sexy Lingerie


Cool Chicks Rule

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Kaytlynn and her boyfriend at a summe river. Kaytlynn is so cool. Adorable, smart, and with a pasison for life well lived.

Girlfriend with Strap-on


Watching Her


A beautiful image of a beautiful act.

Nude Sunning on Rock

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Pretty with Pits


Her First Vibrator


Her first vibrator was aslo our first. There was an advertisement in the back of a Penthouse magazine. She'd heard of other women using vibrators but had never known where to get one, without having to go to one of the seedy stores out on 82nd Ave. So when we found the mail-order ad, it piqued her curiosity. I waisted no time and suggested we order it, "just for fun." 

She was self-concious, but agreed. 

About six weeks later, a small brown package finally arrived. Inside was the slender, white torpedo-shaped vibrator. Soon we found two AA batteries. BY twisting the handle it began to hum. It was also pretty loud.

We couldn't wait to try it. She stripped down form the waist and laid back on our bed. Opening her legs, she invited me to try our new toy on her most sensitive spot. 

Sexy Threesome

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No panties today


Shower Voyeur


See-Thru Undies

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Sexy photo by Chip Willis.

Pearl Necklace


Morning Light Nude


She loves hiking and being outdoors. At home, she loves being nude, and the morning light spilling in through her windows.

Beauty in bra

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Naughty Outfit


Jenn wears her naughty outfit when she's feeling extra naughty.

On the Dock


Sexy Dancer Flash

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Innocent Girl Learning to Fuck


I love it when an innocent girl fucks. So full of wide-eyed wonder. Almost spaced out as if they are not totally sure it's really happening. They let their body find what works, not yet knowing what really works or how to take advantage of the moment. They are just present, in the now, trying out new things, new positions, and generally more concerned about the guy and how he's doing. Not how sex should always be--its not even the best sex at all. Far from it. But it's such a sweet tender moment in life. 

Massage and More


Giving him a good hard massage, and a little more.

While House sitting

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Her boss asked if Linda would be willing to house-sit and feed the cat while he and his wife took their two-week vacation. The boss said he trusted his house and pet to Linda, and that it would, in a way be a vacation for her. The boss had a very nice house up in the hills. It had a pool and hot tub, and was bright and sunny. 

When Linda came to visit, she was instantly curious and excited, and that translated into aroused. She called up her boyfriend and told him to come meet her at her boss's house. They were going to have some fun there. Only the cat would see, they thought.

As soon as her boyfriend arrived, she kissed him and began taking off his clothes. She got down on her knees and sucked him long and hard. They did it standing up, and with her turned facing the sliding door, him pushing in behind her. They did it, bent over the couch, and on the couch. They did it in the kitchen, and in the master bedroom. They fucked in the hot tub and skinny dipped in the pool. Linda even skipped a day of work, since her boss was out of town, and she and her boyfriend spent the day walking around the large house in the buff. 

In the evening, they climbed up on the master bed, and fooled around again. They did everythign they enjoyed and could think of. She sucked him and he ate her out. At one point she was on her knees and he buried his face behind her and tongued her shaven pussy lips and asshole. She straddled and rode him, and turned around and rode him reverse cowgirl. He reached up and pinched her large nipples as she bounced enthusiastically on his cock. She even let him slide out of her and reinsert his slippery shaft into her backdoor. They didn't do this often, but on special occassions, and when she was really in the moment, it felt great.

She rode him in reverse cowgirl with his cock sliding in and our of her ass, as she leaned back, her large breasts flopping. With a free hand, she rubbed her clit until she came, powerfully. Shaking, she rolled off of him and let him finish off by cumming on her tits and face.

Then they laid their, spent, sticky, and satisfied. The sheets were a wild tangled mess. 

Relaxed now, they decided to watch some tv. The boss seemed to have satelite and a complex set of remotes and equipment hooked up to the large flat-screen. They were trying to figure out which remote to use and how to toggle through the menu on the screen, when, much to their surprise, a screen came up with eight live security camera feeds. It was instantly clear that the static cameras of empty rooms were security cameras, but it took them a moment to realize that the empty kitchen, was actually the kitchen of the house, and the living room, was the same living room of the house. With a few more toggles, they went to the next screen, eight more camera angles of rooms, and in one screen, a clear shot of them, in bed, watching themselves in bed. 

They suddenly froze. They did not talk for what seemed like several minutes, just staring at themselves staring at themselves. 

Linda reached over for the sheet and covered up her nakedness. "Do you think they can see us?" she finally asked.

Her boyfriend reassured her that probably the cameras fed into a recording server, and all they'd have to do was find it and erase it. 

Eventually, after about an hour of trying different things, they seemed to figure out how to pull up the stored files. When they tried to delete, however, the system asked for a password. Linda guessed all the passwords she knew form work, and the name of the cat, and other guesses, but none worked.  It was now late, and there was nothing left to do. 

She didn't know if she could reach her boss on his vacation, and even if she could, how could she politely ask him for his security password?she didn't seem to have a legal angel she could argue about "invasion of privacy." In fact, it was his house and certainly it seemed legal for someone to place security cameras in their own home... What could she do? Their was no doubt in either of their minds that their entire sexcapades were recorded on camera.

Her boyfriend was upset at first, suggesting maybe they should find a big enough magnet and try to erase the recorder. "It's digital, you idiot," she said. "Its not an old tape."

They were arguing what to do, and finally, exhausted of that and resigned in defeat, her boyfriend said optimistically, "Maybe he'll come home and see the house is fine and never review the footage." She didn't seem to be convinced, but he continued: "Think about it. These cameras recorded over a 100 hours of footage this week... unless he comes home and there's been a break in, why would he ever go back and watch all of that?" 

"What if he thought we were stealing..." 

"Don't be silly," he assured her. "He trusts you. That's why he asked you to housesit and take care of his cat. If he didn't trust you, he wouldn't have asked you in the first place."

"I guess that's true," said Linda, starting to cheer back up.

"Besides," her boyfriend added, at some point the recorder runs out of space and starts recording over itself. Maybe by the time he gets home, it'll be recorded over."

Linda wasn't sure, but it did sound like it made sense, and that's what she wanted to believe, so she agreed. 

And that's what they decided to believe. 

Sexy Body Stocking


For a gift, I bought her a sexy body stocking. She tried it on and posed for some pictures.

Flashing Truckers


A fun Saturday night activity.

Soft Touch

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Another Nettie

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For all you Nettie Harris fans (of which I am one)...

Flashing Wife At Night


A warm night. After dinner at a nice resturant. She had a bottle of wine. Then mentioned she wasn't wearing underwear. Hold it, he said. And lifted his camera. She lifted her dress.

Hottie in the Hotel


Staying in a hotel room usually means sex tonight.

Party, yeah!


This girl knows how to party. And how to rock a swimsuit.

Girlfriend Polaroid

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Before there were digital cameras, girlfriends still posed, sexy, for their lovers.

Off Season


After surfing all summer, she looks forward to surfing during the off season, when the beaches are empty and she has the waves to herself.

Watching Her Get It

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He shared with her his long-kept secret fantasy that he wanted to watch her get fucked by another man. She wasn't willing, at first, but he kept talking about it, and when he mentioned his best friend had always found her attractive, she gave it serious consideration. She'd always found his best friend really hot, too. She had never cheated on her boyfriend, but of all the guys, the best friend would be the one she'd sleep with. 

So it wasn't hard to ask the best friend if he wanted to have sex with her. The condition was that the boyfriend would be in the same room, watching, and maybe joining in. The friend was cool with that. And so they played out his fantasy. They all got naked and climbed on the bed, and started.

Violate Me


Marge Monday: The Backyard Hot Tub

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When Homer and Marge had an above-ground swimming pool in the backyard, they woudl sneak out at night and skinny dip. (Fans may recall when Chief Wiggum and the other Springfield Police flew over in a helicopter and tried to spy on them.)

So when Homer and Marge had a hot tub in their backyard, of course they went "au natural." Just as Lisa invited all the neighborhood kids over to play in the swimming pool, Marge invited her neighborhood friends to come over and soak, too. Edna, and Luanne, and even Helen Lovejoy came. Soon she was nude, too, and they were all enjoying a relaxing soak. What Marge didn't realize is that Luanne had slipped her hand over to Homer's lap and was secretly giving him a gentle hand job under the bubbling water. 

Homer was loving it. He was sitting nude in his hot tub with his hot wife, checking out Enda's great rack, and getting stroked underwater by Luanne. 



Stretching in bed in the soft morning sun, she didn't realize (or care) that she was showing her two hairy holes. Or perhaps she did, and knew I could not resist. Licking her. Tasting her front and back.

Fucking at a College Party

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The first part of this photo is easy to understand: a guy and a girl have been drinking and soon hook up at a college party. She's "good to go" and he wastes no time in jerking down his pants and half pulling up her shirt, her panties off enough to stick it in her  and have a fast sloppy drunken party quickie. 

The second half of this photo is harder to understand: who's the other girl? Why is she only drinking but not participating? Is she the other girl's roommate and wants to make sure her roomie gets home safely? Maybe the girl getting fucked has the car keys. It's a funny shot.

Lick her, in the back


She loves this.

Good to the Last Drop

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Her pierced nipple


I couldn't help but keep checking out her breasts. It wasn't just that they were cupped perfectly by her red bikini. It looked like her nipples were hard, and poking at the fabric. Yet it wasn't cold. She hadn't been swimming. And there seemed to be a different shape.

She noticed my stare. Embarrassed, I didn't know what to do, except for being blunt. "Did you get your nipples pierced?" I asked.

She smiled and nodded.

"Really," I said. I don't know why I was so shocked. Maybe it seemed like such a sexy thing to do for an otherwise reserved and shy girl. It seemed bold, and sexual. "Are you serious?" I said, still not really believing she actually got her nipples pierced.

"Yeah," she said. "See for yourself."

Elegant Crotchless Panties

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"Crotchless panties" are such an inelegant word for something so elegant. 

Morning Outdoor Handjob


I love camping with her, waking up naked and hard. We stand in the sun. She knows I am ready, but is still sleepy. Still hasn't had her coffee. So she lovingly gives me my release. Cupping my balls. Wrapping her right hand firmly around my shaft. And then beginning to stroke. She says she wants me to shoot it on her stomach. Her hand moves faster. Harder. She knows I need to cum. She is ready, and eager. She feels me beginning to twitch and spasm. She squeezes me harder and feels me explode. I spray all over her soft skin. She'll make no effort to clean up. She likes to feel it warm on her. Soon it will evaporate int eh morning sun, as she sips her coffee. A good start to both our days.

College Girlfriend on Drom Bed, Nude

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I miss college. Hanging out in the dorm room, between classes and homework, nothing to do but be nude, and have sex.

A Cups, Outdoors


Warm soft sun on beautiful breasts.

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