Marge Monday: The Backyard Hot Tub

Monday, September 17, 2012

When Homer and Marge had an above-ground swimming pool in the backyard, they woudl sneak out at night and skinny dip. (Fans may recall when Chief Wiggum and the other Springfield Police flew over in a helicopter and tried to spy on them.)

So when Homer and Marge had a hot tub in their backyard, of course they went "au natural." Just as Lisa invited all the neighborhood kids over to play in the swimming pool, Marge invited her neighborhood friends to come over and soak, too. Edna, and Luanne, and even Helen Lovejoy came. Soon she was nude, too, and they were all enjoying a relaxing soak. What Marge didn't realize is that Luanne had slipped her hand over to Homer's lap and was secretly giving him a gentle hand job under the bubbling water. 

Homer was loving it. He was sitting nude in his hot tub with his hot wife, checking out Enda's great rack, and getting stroked underwater by Luanne. 

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